Visiting Etiquette

With a Grateful Heart and an Honest Spirit

When visiting a shrine, the proper procedure and etiquette must be observed. Beautiful, proper etiquette shows a person’s true spirit. Let’s visit the shrine with a grateful heart and an honest, bright, and pure spirit

Handwashing Etiquette

Before worshipping, we wash our hands. The word for the palm of the hand, “nadakokoro” contains the word “kokoro” which means spirit. Purifying our hands means purifying our spirit. The procedure is not strictly decided. It’s good if you wash your hands with the sacred water and do so with a calm heart. Below is written the usual procedure. Please refer to it.

Hold the ladle with your right hand and fill it water. Wash your left hand.

Switch the ladle to your left hand, and wash your right hand.

Switch the ladle back to your right hand, fill your left hand with water, and rinse your mouth.
*Do not touch the ladle to your mouth.

Wash your left hand again.

Stand the ladle up and let the water run down to clean the handle. Put the ladle back in its original position

Procedure for Worship 2 hai, 2 hakushu, 1 hai

A deep bow is called hai and clapping your hands together is called hakushu. These bows and claps are the procedure from ancient times. Before the gods, make your visit with a grateful heart.

When you come before the gods, straighten your posture and make a slight bow in greeting.

Ring the bell gently.

Bow down to 90 degrees from your waist two times. (2 hai)

Spread your hands to shoulder width and clap two times. (2 hakushu)

Lastly, make one more deep bow. (1 hai)